What is a Good Customer Focussed Attitude in a Customer Service Person? Posted By : Kate Tammemagi

We often hear that it is important for any Customer Service person to have the RIGHT attitude. It is important that Customer Service agents do not have a BAD attitude to the Company, the Customer or, indeed, to their role. Identifying a bad attitude in someone is easy; we see it all the time. But what is the ideal focus and attitude? This article will help identify a positive, assertive, Customer focussed attitude.

A Few Gorgeous Sights to Visit in Moscow Posted By : Max Wright

Contemporary Russia is a conglomeration of peculiar culture and urban life that appeals tourists from the world over. Moscow is a world capital with its own mixture of historic and contemporary Russia, and a great helping of urban sensibility. This place is worth visiting any time of the year and all day round. Not for nothing Moscow is supposed to be among the most dazzling and romantic locations to visit because it combines a rich history and modern times.

It’s no Secret, the Theory of Directed Effort… Posted By : swaraj

Recently I was involved in a discussion Zoplay.com about what has become known as “The Law of Attraction.” It became rather heated. It seems to me that some proponents of this “law” have a tendency to become rather fervent in its defense when its premises are questioned. As so often happens during a verbal interaction, the discussion took directions I never wanted it to go in and logical arguments gave way to emotional examples and anecdotal evidence. Of course, anecdotal evidence presented contrary to “The Law of Attraction” was quickly spun about to fit into the paradigm created by those who worship at

Hassle Free Shifting With the Help of Packers Movers of Mumbai Posted By : johnmichal

Moving to new location is not an easy task Marinlock and safe It is a troublesome task that unfolds many unwanted issues that are annoying and stressful. Packing and moving to new location is not everyones cup of tea. It is the job of experienced and expert professionals. It is well known to everyone that moving to new location with bulk of goods to new location is a chaotic task. People often get mentally sick and physically tired looking at the hectic task of shifting. Lots of work has to be done with care and affection to make shifting a hassle free. Packing, loading, unloading and unpacking and rearrangin

Customer Service – Implementing Customer Service Excellence Posted By : Kate Tammemagi

Customer Service Excellence is what it takes to bring Customers back to our Company and it is excellent Customer Service that will make them want to buy ocbusinesswebsites more of our products or services. Implementing Customer Service Excellence involves the whole organisation, from Managers to front-line Teams. This article teases out some of the key areas of focus in implementing top of the class Customer Service for our Customers.

Hyderabad Packers and Movers Companies Offering Hassle Free Shifting Posted By : johnmichal

Packing and moving to new destination is not an easy task. It is a cumbersome task that makes people mentally and physically tired. So to be free from all the unwanted tension and trouble, hire the services of reputed packers and movers companies for hassle free shifting brookoverlaw.com to new destination. People do move in and out of the state in order for some advancement in life and it is a good cause for advancement in life. But people often hesitate to move looking at the chaotic task of shifting. Those people who are new in this field dont have any idea. In fact it is the work of professionals, so it i

Live Order Taking Services Posted By : mark divid

The order taking industry has propelled to extraordinary levels in the past few years. With every advertising channel whether it be online, media, or printed advertisements, there is a growing purpose for great order taking services in the industry. Inbound order taking businesses can lend a hand with the customer service and sales departments of any business that requires it.

Solutions to Creating an Organic Customer Service Posted By : citylocal

Customer service is an aspect which you will need to consider whatever the size of your business. Even small, home run businesses will need to take this into consideration, as it is the customers who are the lifeblood of the business and responsible for its success or failure. Even if there are other issues with the business, being able to deal with them and deal with customers who have difficulties or problems effectively will in many cases allow you to overcome hurdles in a way which will not lose you the loyalty you have worked so hard to create.

How to Renewing Customer Loyalty And Make Up With New Customers Posted By : Takhe Tayo

Every business loses customers, but not many do much about getting them back. And that is a big mistake. Studies show that the average business looses iBable.com percent of its customer base each year. Here’s what that means in practical terms: For example, let’s say your business has 700 customers that buy repeatedly from you during the year and each customer spends an average of $300 a year. If you loose 20 percent of them ( one hundred and forty), you’ll loose $42,000 a year. That’s a lot of money to make up with new customers.

Have You Patented Your Idea? Posted By : John Ross

If you have invented something or made a new discovery, you should be able to enjoy the valuable monetary rights which you can enforce for your own advantage either by using it yourself or by conveying the privileges to others. Patent is a grant by the Government to the inventor for a limited period of time giving the exclusive right to him to make use, exercise and vend its invention.

Customer Care Training How to Handle Escalated Calls Posted By : Kate Tammemagi

Handling an Escalated call is one of the most challenging situations in Customer Care and is one that most people wish they would never have to deal with. However, it is important both to the Company and to the Customer that the escalated call is handled well, and that the issue is resolved. Here we offer tried and tested tips for handling any escalated call.